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Beauty Tips

At Cheveux Hair & Beauty Boutique, we LOVE Kevin Murphy. We recommend all our clients visit for a quiz to see what products match your hair type and style wishes! We offer a full consulation on all of our products in the salon to help you find your best hair & beauty solution. 


Great hair is the best accessory! Color treated hair requires some extra attention to keep your shade looking fresh and new. Sulfate free shampoos and products are the only option to maintain your color as long as possible. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are also essential for the upkeep of healthy cuticles; retaining your stunning color and shine.



Searching for hair inpiration for your next event, or just and easy everyday style? 

Check out our Pinterest page under Cheveux Hair or our Instagram account at nicoles_cheveuxboutique for new ideas every day!

Heathy skin is something most of us have to work hard for. Our skin is exposed to many elements and factors that can keep it from feeling it`s best.
Sun, wind, heaters in winter, hormone imbalances, and reactions to food we eat (sugar, anyone?) can make it even harder to keep our skin glowing through the year. 

Here are some tips for taking care of your skin, as well as a list of trustworthy places where your skin will be in good hands.


Take a peek into the KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME 

hair collection!

Healthy Skin Tips

Healthy Nail Tips

Healthy Body Tips

A good manicure and pedicure can cost a pretty penny here in Zürich. Knowing how to keep your hands, feet, and nails in shape between services can save you some money, but knowing where to get a great service that will last more than a few days is also one of the best money saving tips you can have.



Everyone has a way they like to stay fit. Some go to a gym, some like to run along the river, and some are just in need of a mind and body experience at the Spa. Here are some tips to keep your body feeling it`s very best...


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