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Are you Expecting Too Much from your Shampoo?

I always wonder why people put so much effort into looking for the "Perfect Shampoo."

It should do everything; clean, give volume, take away any unsightly frizzies, give moisture, keep your color treated hair shiny, and by no means should it weigh anything down.

I think if I was a shampoo with so many requirements placed on me I might just have a panic attack.

In the end, why do we shampoo our hair...? TO CLEAN IT!

Shampoo is meant to clean oil away from the scalp and left over product build-up (for all us Dry-Shampoo and hairspray junkies especially). There are of course other purposes for shampoos, and special requirements are sometimes a deciding factor in which shampoo is correct for you.

If I am honest, every company has their products that people gravitate to and find work the BEST for their hair. I compare it to standing in the aile at the grocery store deciding which deodorant to take. It almost always comes down to the smell and how it makes you feel.

Perhaps there is a Dry Scalp/Dandruff issue that needs to be addressed. (Speaking from experience, this problem seems very often to be related to gluten and milk intolerance as well as other allergies, which unfortunately a shampoo alone can not cure)

There are shampoos for color treated hair, for frizzy hair, for blonde hair, for damaged hair, and even a detox shampoo here and there.