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Are you Expecting Too Much from your Shampoo?

I always wonder why people put so much effort into looking for the "Perfect Shampoo."

It should do everything; clean, give volume, take away any unsightly frizzies, give moisture, keep your color treated hair shiny, and by no means should it weigh anything down.

I think if I was a shampoo with so many requirements placed on me I might just have a panic attack.

In the end, why do we shampoo our hair...? TO CLEAN IT!

Shampoo is meant to clean oil away from the scalp and left over product build-up (for all us Dry-Shampoo and hairspray junkies especially). There are of course other purposes for shampoos, and special requirements are sometimes a deciding factor in which shampoo is correct for you.

If I am honest, every company has their products that people gravitate to and find work the BEST for their hair. I compare it to standing in the aile at the grocery store deciding which deodorant to take. It almost always comes down to the smell and how it makes you feel.

Perhaps there is a Dry Scalp/Dandruff issue that needs to be addressed. (Speaking from experience, this problem seems very often to be related to gluten and milk intolerance as well as other allergies, which unfortunately a shampoo alone can not cure)

There are shampoos for color treated hair, for frizzy hair, for blonde hair, for damaged hair, and even a detox shampoo here and there.

These Shampoos are all good when used for the correct hair type, but my biggest question is, do they do all that they say they SHOULD without a little help from our good friend "MR. CONDITIONER?"

Occasionally "MR. MASK" also likes to get in on the Poker fun.

I see this mainly with shampoos that claim to make your hair grow (or come back in some cases.) The shampoo alone can aid in this, but if one reads the labels and works with these kinds of products; you find that most of the benefits actually come in through the conditioner or mask that goes with the coinciding shampoo. Nioxin, Kerastase, and many other brands offer these products; but they always work best in combination and not as a stand alone shampoo.

People with curly hair buy shampoos that say "72 hour Anti- Frizz effect." But in the end, if you NEVER moisturize you hair, I can guarantee that you will still have Frizz after using that shampoo.

Your color treated hair will always fade if the cuticle is dry and open.

In the end there is a conditioner or mask for every hair type that should be applied at least once a week. Even for some of us that can not be bothered to spend those extra minutes in the shower, there are leave in conditioners and over- night oils that would greatly benefit the texture and strength of the hair.

Don`t get me wrong, I love a great shampoo as much as the next person; but If I had to choose where to invest my well earned cash, I would choose a proper conditioner/mask/oil treatment.

Here are some of my 6 Favourite Conditioners/Masks/Oils that can be used alone or in Combination with their passing Shampoo...

Wella Brilliance Treatment

1. Wella Brilliance Treatment is one of my favourite moisture masks. This mask is supplemented with protein to help build up the structure of dry or damaged color treated hair. It leaves it feeling wonderfully moisturised, shiny, and still with plenty of bounce! Plus there are two formulas, so you can choose if you have fine to normal or thick and course hair!

2. The Revlon Nutri Color Creme line is one of my favourites for color treated hair. They are amazingly moisturising and have a wide range of shades from a purple toner for a long lasting platinum blonde to beautiful reds & auburns, as well as chocolate brown and vibrants for anyone with a more rainbow color palette. Applied once a week, they are your hair color saviour! Just leave it in for 3 Minutes after shampooing and be amazed how long you keep your gorgeous shine and lovely shade!

3. The Kevin Murphy Plumping range is a great option for those with fine or thinning hair where the Angel range is great for both fine and/or blonde coloured hair. They leave your hair with beautiful volume and just the right amount of moisture to keep it from being weighed down. The Angel range comes with the Angel Mask as well for those looking for just an extra bit of moisture

*As an added tip, leave your mask on for at least 5 min for best results, rinse, then apply Angel Rinse to your lengths for about 30 seconds and rinse again. This ensures that your cuticle will be sealed and maintain all the moisture.

4. Kérastase has made a beautiful product if you have dry, frizzy, or curly hair. I recommend the Cleansing Conditioner for you dry curly haired ladies and gents. This is a great option to use between shampoos to gently cleanse and moisturise at the same time without the time commitment of shampooing and conditioning or letting a mask soak in.

5. Kevin Murphy`s Young Again leave-in treatment

has quickly become one of my favourite styling and

conditioning aids. Not only does this bad boy have heat

protection up to 220C, it is an amazing oil to treat

damaged and tangled hair making it

beautifully manageable. Apply to your damp hair after

showering and style as usual. The best part is that a little

goes a LONG way and a small squirt on fine or thin hair

still won`t weigh anything down!

6. Moroccan Oil`s Treatment is one of my favourites as a leave in treatment in the evenings! For anyone that doesn't like to worry with conditioner, this oil needs to become your best friend. Coat your hair with a few pumps before going to bed, and either braid or pull your hair into a bun. Let it do its magic over night and wash out in the morning: I advise to add some shampoo onto your dry hair and rub in to make sure you have an easier time washing everything out. This oil also making a great oil to blow dry!

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