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The 5 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for "Hairspirations"

Are you feeling bored with your hair and tired of styling it the same way everyday? Sometimes it`s convenient and easy to throw things up into a pony tail or bun, but other times you want to be a bit adventurous! Here are five of my favourite Instagrammers to follow to get inspired to try out something NEW!

1. Sarah Angius

For volume, sleek looks, curls, up-styles, or waves this girl does it all, and BEAUTIFULLY!

2. k8_smallthings (Kate Bryan)

Kate is a hairstylist turned blogger who has a mix of cute outfits, pretty and feminine makeup, and easy

"do it yourself" style ideas.

For more in-depth tutorials you can visit her blog site for more

in depth step by step videos!

3. Tanesha Awasthi

For some killer outfits and a look at how you can make your curls GORGEOUS you can not go wrong with

Tanesha. You can also follow her blog at

4. nothingbutpixies

This is the account to follow for anything and everything pixie related. Styles, funky cuts,

and great color ideas galore! You will want to try something new every day. Oh, and you

are forewarned if you have long hair; you might just be tempted to take the plunge!

5. Luxy Hair

Luxy hair is actually a hair extensions company founded by Mimi and Alex Ikonn. Here they have

compounded some of their own, as well as other great instagrammers pictures and tutorials to give you

long haired gals plenty of braiding and up-style inspiration. Click Here if you would like to find out about

Luxy Hair extensions

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