Product Review RE.STORE Treatment

RE.STORE Cleansing Conditioner

This treatment is definitely on the top of my list for multi-functional products. It smells amazing and works to boot!

I recommend this treatment for anyone who wants a deep restoration treatment, but not the commitment of leaving it in for 30 min.

It can be used as a stand alone cleansing 2 in 1 conditioner, or just as a treatment for your lengths. It`s ideal for trips to the gym, the beach, or for anyone with curly hair that doesn't necessarily need to shampoo, but wants some extra moisture in their lengths.

I recommend this to my clients that colour their hair and need extra hydration as well as repairing properties. My favourite thing about RE.STORE is that it works for every hair type; including my fine haired clients that don`t want to lose volume.

Here is a small review from a client who has been using RE.STORE for three months and has seen some great results! For more information about ingredients and tips for using this product you can visit the Kevin Murphy website.


"Kevin Murphy RE.STORE is my go to conditioner to repair, nourish, and hydrate. My dry coloured hair needs some weekly TLC, and RE.STORE treatment gives it a soft and silky finish, which is quick and easy to use as no Shampoo is required. I love the combination of Papaya and Pineapple (not too sweet) which leaves my hair smelling salon fresh."


Other products in the REPAIR range include:

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(Click to go to Kevin Murphy Website for more details and Ingredient lists )

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