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I am always on the look out for great skin care products that won`t cause my sensitive skin to react in negative ways. This search has been on-going since my first pimple decided to rear it`s ugly head at the age of ten. Back then Tee Tree Oil was all the rage and I diligently applied it every evening before bed.

It only seemed to aggravate things even more, but that could also have been my very bad habit of picking and scratching. I know, I know; NEVER do this...but what do you want to tell a ten year old?

I tried all the infomercial "miracle" face washes and masks only to find that instead of clearing things up, it made my oily skin very dry only to look like a grease slick by the afternoon. And the pimples never got better.

Thankfully time can heal most things, but my sensitive skin has still stayed. Therefore I am very picky about what goes on it and what the products contain.

Now I have to thank whatever spirits that led me to finding Aromatherapy Associates in my hotel room this summer on a two week stay in Lisbon. I went to get a massage and treat myself to a facial when my masseuse asked me to pick from about 15 different body oils. She handed me a tray and had me open the stopper on each oil and take a deep breath. She told me, "Your body will know which one it needs."

I always like to think this is true, but what if your body wants ALL of them? I was hooked from the first whiff!

Since the Summer I have put together a small collection of products that I am more than happy to use on my face, hands, body, and also to take a nice post workout soak or after a long day of standing on the job. Here is the run down....

1. De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil

This bath oil ca be used two ways. You can either add one cap full to your bath water if you prefer to take a nice soak, or you can apply it directly to your skin before you take a shower. I prefer to rub it into my legs, arms, and shoulders after a strenuous workout and on Saturdays when the work week is over. I have become addicted to this and don`t think I could get through my week without it anymore.

Aromatherapy Associates has a great collection of different essential oil blends depending on your needs and sent preferences, but this particular oil contains Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lavender, and Ginger essential oils as it`s main ingredients. It smells like Heaven!

For more info on the full range of Body and Shower Oils click HERE!

2. Renewing Rose Massage & Body Oil

The Renewing Rose Massage & Body Oil has become a bedside staple for me in the last weeks. This is a more recent purchase, but it has quickly made an impact in the look and feel of my skin.

As I said above, I am very sensitive and shaving can sometimes be a real struggle.

I like to exfoliate with a crystal bath salt that I mix with 2 drops of lavender Essential Oil. I add a little water to turn it into a pasty consistency and rub it over my legs before I turn on the shower water. I rinse and shave and that apply a generous layer of this body oil.

PERFECTION! No more red bumps, no more in-grown hairs, and no burning sensation as when I would apply a normal body lotion.

I also apply this generously to my hands at night before bed, (being that my hands are in and out of water all day long at the wash basin) and I love that I can really feel it sinking in and not just creating a barrier as some hand creams do. And again, it smells AMAZING! Even my husband likes it!

3. Mattifying Deep Cleanse Face Wash & Refining Skin Tonic Duo

These two products are quickly becoming some of my favourites. They are Sulphate and Paraben free, so I don`t have to worry about any nasty side effects. The Wash is formulated for normal to dry or combination skin, while the tonic water is best for oily/combination skin.

The face wash is very mild but still leaves my skin feeling clean, without any tightness or feeling of having leftover foam residue on the skin.

I use a Micellar water in the evenings to remove any makeup and do a double cleanse with the face wash. If I feel like I need a little extra scrub, I will apply the soup onto a Konjac Sponge to give a light exfoliation.

The main ingredients of lavender and tee tree, as well as ylang ylang work as an anti-bacterial and remove impurities while helping to balance the skin.

The Refining Skin Tonic is also mild and alcohol free. It is very fresh smelling and I only need one to two small pumps of the product. It also contains anti- bacterial lavender and tee tree to purify, as well as orange flower water and witch hazel to tighten skin and refine the appearance of pores.

4. Revive Refreshing & Invigorating Room Fragrance

If you don't have an Electric Room Fragrancer, this amazing smelling combination of bergamot, grapefruit, and frankincense essential oils will make you want to run out and buy one.

It is a very fresh and cleansing sent that I love to put into my room fragrancer in the morning while I am getting ready. It helps to wake me up and leaves me feeling ready to start my day on a positive note! I love it!

5. Rose Infinity Triple Effect Mask

This facial mask is designed to smooth and refine your skins surface as well as plump and help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It contains Hyaluronic Acid as well as botanical actives from millet and oak.

It comes in a small pump tube so it is convenient to apply and doesn't leave any mess. I tend to use one and a half to two pumps depending on whether I want to apply down my neck as well. I use this very often as a sleeping mask. It has a very light rose sent and soaks quickly into the skin without leaving a residue. I like to use this as a follow up treatment when I exfoliate my face. I will wash, exfoliate, tone, then apply the Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Aging Fine Line Face Oil and this mask over it. Then it`s off to bed! I love that my skin has a beautiful glow and looks refreshed when I wake up.

I love to apply this on lazy Sundays at home if I am not planning on going out. Sometimes I will leave it on all day. Because It soaks in and dries you could even go out with it on and no one would be the wiser. It`s a definite favourite.

6. Anti- Ageing Fine Line Face Oil

This facial oil is such a beautiful consistency. It soaks directly into the skin leaving it soft and moisturised, but surprisingly without any oily residue!

I have combination skin so I only use it at night or on days when I don`t wear makeup.

The scent is calming and very similar to the Rose Body Massage Oil. It contains anti ageing evening primrose and ximenia essential oils as well rose, patchouli, and raspberry seed oils.

I apply this oil once a week underneath the Rose Infinity Facial Mask and leave on through the night. In the cold winter months this is a skin saver for me!

Over all I think I would repurchase all of these products. I would love to try out some more of the Bath and Shower Oils to see which would be a favourite. There is also a morning shower oil which I think could be very practical for us women that don`t particularly care to apply lotion in the mornings. To find out more about Aromatherapy Associates including ingredients etc click HERE

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