Best of Golden Globes Hair & Makeup 2017

This years Golden Globes had an amazing mix of hairstyles, outfit choices, and some really interesting makeup trend contradictions.

Hairstyles ranged from long and straight, to beautiful tousled waves, and a wide range of easy low-key up styles. Slicked back and braided detailing was all the rage!

The wavy lob has not seen any sink in popularity and was out in full force, whether in a more 50`s glam wave or with understated beachy texture.

The makeup looks this year were all about the lips. And, as I said before, if it wasn`t about the lips it was all about showing off one`s natural beauty with glowing skin and a minimal more natural look.

Here are some of my favourite hair and makeup looks from the evening...

1. Lily Collins

Lily`s hair and makeup stood out right away as one of my favourites of the night! Her monochromatic makeup with soft pink eyes and matching blush paired perfectly with her pink dress. What makes this look is the beautiful shade of red on her lips! It keeps the overall look from being too one colour and shows off her beautiful skin!

Lily`s hair was by far my favourite of the evening with this loose curly undo. The gorgeous fishtail braid details holding it all in place were stunning. I LOVE IT!

2. Jessica Biel

Jessica wins hands down in my book for one of the most interesting and eye-catching hairstyles of the evening.

This simple yet elegant braided and bedazzled look is so fun and different, I think I might just steal it for my next big event!

3. Michelle Williams

Michelle almost always goes for a very natural makeup look, but hey, why fix what so obviously works! I love that they played up her beautiful pale skin with just a dusting of rosey blush, gave her beautiful full lashes to call attention to her almond eyes, and just enough of a lip color to keep her from looking boring or washed out.

I love that she chose to go sleek with her short pixie and show off it`s fun platinum shade!

4. Olivia Culpo

Olivia has is it all under wraps in the hair and makeup departments! From her glowing skin and chiseled cheekbones to her stunning golden eyes her look in completely on point!

For hair we are again seeing the trend of sleek and shiny with some fun braids to add texture and dimension. Her braids start small just below the root area only to grow and form a gorgeous low milk-maid like chignon. Absolutely beautiful in my opinion!

5. Nicole Kidman

I love how adventurous Nicole can be with her red carpet looks. She is a bit of a colour chameleon when it comes to her hair, but knows how to play up her makeup depending on whether she is a red head of a blonde.

Here she has opted for a beautiful silver smokey eye done by Charlotte Tilbury which brings out her lovely pale blue eyes and make them appear larger. Her alabaster skin is also beautiful and dewy with a complimentary soft pink lip.

Again we see a loose pulled together hairstyle that looks appropriate for the occasion, but not in the least bit stuffy. All together I think the look is very "on point."

6. Caitriona Balfe

OUTLANDER! Anyone? Well, IF you have seen the show, then you know what I am talking about when I say that this lovely lady has the most BEAUTIFUL skin...pretty much ever!

She also is not shy about showing it off. I love that Caitriona almost always has subtle makeup and hair. She knows how to play up her features with the right amount of mascara and a perfectly defined brow while letting her skin take centre stage.

Caitriona`s second look from the after party is another beautiful example of playing up her eyes and looking glam, but still laid back with her undone loose waves.

7. Emma Stone

Are you seeing the trends? On Emma we see the same pretty blush tones and monochrome makeup we saw on Lily Collins.

The only difference is her baby pink lids are on the subtler side to enhance her pale skin instead of making her appear sick. (Which is not a good look on anyone, I`d say)

Instead of a red lip she also has a lovely shade of neutral pink to add definition and compliment her eye makeup.

Emma`s hair is another example of the loose and easy up styles that we saw all night. Just elegant enough without seeming stuffy or too mature.

8. Natalie Portman

Natalie can pull off a wide range of looks. She even looked beautiful after shaving off her hair in the film V for Vendetta!

To be completely honest I would not have picked this bouffant slicked back hairstyle myself, but I think it went well with her dress choice.

I DO love her makeup here though. Natalie is pregnant and her makeup artist brought out her pregnancy glow with a beautiful bright blush and Fuchsia lip. It was just the touch of funk this look needed to keep it from looking too simple, and it looks amazing on her!

9. Jessica Chastain

See what I mean about slick and braided?

Jessica as well chose to show off her natural beauty with a low-key makeup look, but I love how her beautiful red hair is in full view in this sleek and shiny pulled back bun.

For a little added interest, there is a sweet and simple braid wrapped around.

10. Emily Ratajkowski

Sunset eyes done to perfection is exactly the look Emily had last night.

Her lip color matches her gold and burnt orange eye makeup for another brilliant monochromatic makeup look giving her a healthy and bronzed glow.

Emily opted for a loose, wavy, textured lob that looked glamorous and sexy at the same time.


What was YOUR favourite look of the evening?

There were so many beautiful ladies that I didn`t have room for them all on my list.

I picked these 10 because I thought they brought a little funk or something new. I also loved that there was such a wide range of beauty looks.

Whether it was very makeup focused or more about subtle beauty, I think everyone can find something to inspire them. Have fun trying these looks out!



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