Looking for Your New Fall Color Inspiration?

The turning of seasons is always an exciting time to change things up in the hair department. The end of summer means shorter days and the shifting of green coloured leaves into warm reds, oranges, and golden yellows. As with all things we seem to take our beauty cue`s from nature.

Here are some of my favourite Fall/Autumn hair colours to try this season!

1. For BLONDE hair

These three looks are VERY different. As a blonde myself, I prefer to go lighter in winter time because I get tired of having an all black and dark palette.

1. Example one is a great way to stand out in the darker months and still be able to wear dark clothes or even a bit darker lipstick for an extra pop.

2. Example two is a great look for people that want to stay mostly blonde, but have a warmer fall color. Ask for highlights at the roots and perhaps some balayage through the lengths to keep you a bright blonde, but go for a warmer caramel or golden honey color.

3. Example three is one of my favourite Balayage looks. This is also referred to as a Sombré. It consists of a darker root area that is blended seamlessly into lighter ends. Pay attention to the beautiful light streak around the part line. This will keep you feeling bright while still having plenty of depth. With this color you can choose as well to keep a beautiful beige blonde to counteract the darker roots, or go as well for a beautiful Caramel.

2. For BRUNETTE hair

Here are three beautiful examples of how a brunette can play with color!

1. Example one is a great way to keep any blonde you may have from a previous color service or that was achieved during the summer months from some long sun-bathing sessions by the beach. Keep it through fall by asking for a Sombré service that will add some depth to the root area. Warm chocolate colours are my favourites for this look. Wether you keep your ends pale blonde as in this picture, or choose a warmer copper color, both looks are stunning!

2. Example two is a beautiful way to get a more overall warmer copper gold color. Ask for fine highlights throughout in a golden copper hue to add dimension to your darker base color.

3. Example three is a great color for anyone looking for a low maintanence color, but still offers a lovely shine and pop of color. This look can be achieved through a subtle balayage technique, as well as through thicker highlights placed throughout to give a more "Peek-a-Boo" effect.

3. For RED Hair

1. Example one is a beautiful copper red with a spattering of "babylights" to give some dimension. This is a beautiful color to still feel bright but to have a more vibrant overall fall/winter color.

2. Example two is again a lovely Sombré. Keep your color a lighter golden copper at the roots and warm gold at your ends.

3. Example three is a stunning all over deep copper red. This color will need a bit more home maintenance to keep the color looking vibrant, but makes a stunning statement! Make sure to wash with cool to luke warm water, apply a mask once a week to keep your cuticles healthy, and ask your stylist about a coloured conditioner that can be applied between services.

For Very Dark Brown/Black Hair

For very dark brown or black hair I love to play with the tone of the highlights or balayage depending on how much brightness you like to see in contrast to your dark hair. Play with golden/ chocolate / and red tones OR keep your base dark and shiny by having a demi permanent color that matches your natural level mixed with a clear to keep your hair looking super shiny and healthy.

Honorable Mentions

Check out our PINTEREST page for even more ideas and inspirations!


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